Get to Know MGA Prelude

A spark at the small township of Montfort in France was lit by the Divine Grace, during the late 17th century. This spark was personified as Louis Marie de Montfort, born on 31st January, 1673, at Montfort-sur-Meu, France.

This little spark, as the time passed by, glowed into a flame and gradually the fire spread across entire France. Enlightened and strengthened by the Spirit of the Divine, the power of it spread far and wide, crossing beyond borders of geographical boundaries marked by humans, to embrace, enkindle, empower and uplift the humanity.

This spark, Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort, is Montfort Global Associates’ Patron.

Montfort Global Associates(MGA)

MGA stands for Montfort Global Associates. MGAs are sprouts, off- shoots from the trunk of Montfort - evolved into trees in Montfortean Garden of Spirituality, nursery of academic and vocational education, skill development, and Forests of Social Action - transplanted across the globe consistently over the last ten decades to take paths un-travelled with out the protection and boundaries of the walls of a community.

There are MGAs who run orphanages, Leprosy Homes,engage with Tribal Development Actions, educate poor children thru voluntary contributions : some of these children have studied upto IIM and IIT level in India and these children who have been benefitted are encouraged to support the education of other poor children for a period of time as part of Each one teach one.

It is further heartening to note that the former members of the Brothers of St. Gabriel from Thailand and Singapore have a registered organization under the banner of ‘Montfortian Associates’, with a membership of over one hundred and sixty.

The thrill of coming home is always treasured in our hearts. Memories last forever. Finding an old friend is finding a lost treasure.

We Believe in the Universal Fraternity

To Strive to Realize our Vision by Being for the Other

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