Note: The Byelaws of the MGA is under construction. Members are encouraged to send their suggestions on MGA Byelaws. Please email your suggestions to


The Name of the organisation shall be Montfort Global Associates.


This Association has been registered in the state of Illinois, USA.


Membership of the association shall be open to persons who had taken their vows in the Congregation of The Montfort Brothers of St Gabriel, and who had permanently left the said congregation.

Types of Membership – Ordinary and Honorary as the case may be.


  • To regroup the Former Brothers of St Gabriel.
  • To foster friendship and collaboration among the members
  • To help and support members, who have left the Congregation and joined MGA, to reintegrate with society.
  • To meet with the group members and their families periodically
  • To acknowledge/ to celebrate the success of the members and their families.
  • To help in whatever social activity that members decide to engage in (approved by the general council)
  • To maintain the umbilical cord connection with the Parent Body, namely The Montfort Brothers of St Gabriel and work with them to uplift the poor and marginalised members of society.
  • To collaborate, cooperate with Parent Body in its various activities wherever and whenever it is feasible for MGA members.


  • Montfort Global Associates is an international group with sub groups called chapters in various parts of the world
  • Each chapter will have members who will elect a president, secretary and a treasurer
  • The president, secretary and the treasurer will co-ordinate activities locally and collaborate with other chapters
  • The above three members will be part of the Global Assembly which will meet once in a year, to plan and execute the programmes of MGA, for each year.
  • Structure at Global, Chapter, Country, and Province Levels – to be defined and included
  • Office Bearers at Global, Chapter, Country, and Province Levels – to be included

The Global Assembly

  • The Global Assembly consists of 3 elected members from each recognised international chapters.
  • The first meeting of the Global Assembly can be conducted by Zoom Meeting six months before the second and final meeting, which will be a Physical Meeting.
  • The date and venue for the Physical meeting can be determined at the time of Zoom Meeting by the elected representatives.
  • The Global Assembly will elect a Global Chairman and six other members as Global Executives
  • The Global Executives will elect from themselves a Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer.
  • The term of office for the Global Executives shall be for three (3) years and all are eligible for re-election for another term.
  • The Global Executives shall meet at least once in three months, either physically or by electronic media; the meeting is to be coordinated by the Secretary with the approval of the Global Chairman.

Duties of Global Executives

  • Co-ordinate all activities of the international group
  • Plan for periodic get-together regionally and globally
  • The Global Executives shall organise an annual/half yearly week-end Spiritual and Social Meet,
  • Analyse and support the initiatives of Regional Chapters regarding projects and funding requests.


  • We should try to devise ways and means to handle the fund.
  • Before spending monies all Chapters should be informed. To use a portion of the capital permission should be sought at the time of Global Assembly. (If we all agree then we can formulate conditions for using finances other wise it will be a waste of time and energy.)
  • Operation of Accounts thru Banks
  • Accounts Manual for Finance and operations
  • Funds Management – Collections of funds based on Annual Budget – Revenue and/or Capital Budget
  • Need based Collection of funds and utilisation
  • Maintenance of Accounts and Annual Audit

Relation with Parent Body

  • The Global Chairman and his team together with the Regional Presidents and their team shall enter into dialogue with the General Council and Provincial Councils of the Montfort Brothers as and when possible and feasible. They shall endeavour to work out the possibilities of future collaboration with the Parent Body.
  • If the parent body requests the help/support of any of the Associated Member/s, it is for the individual/s to respond positively to such invitation/requests.
  • Similarly, MGA may take up any outsourcing activities of the Parent Body in its various fields of activities or associated with it wherever solicited for. MGA may use its vast human capital and other resources for any such collaborative ventures with the Parent Body on agreed terms and conditions if approved by Chapter or Global Committee.